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Physical Education

KS4 Physical Education

Specification: GCSE Physical Education AQA (8582)

Course outline

This course provides the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the contemporary topics that underpin performance and involvement in physical activity and sport. 

Subject Content        

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training
  • Use of data
  • Sports psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Health, fitness and well-being

What should students expect to do during the course?

The course is interesting and wide-ranging but demanding. A common misconception students have is that PE is an easy, practical subject.

The GCSE is weighted toward the theory component which has a scientific element which challenges many students.  You will receive two double lessons per week and at certain times of the year one will be practical and one theory. 

Assessment (graded 9- 1)

The course will be graded in numerical format of 9-1. Grade 9 being equivalent to an A*, grade 5 equivalent to a C and grade 1 to a G.

Theory component    60% 2 written exams (1 hr 15 mins each)  

Practical component     30% practical performance, 10% analysis coursework 

Your practical performance will involve an internal assessment/ external moderation in 3 activities (at least 1 in a team activity and 1 individual). You will also complete an analysis and evaluation of your performance to bring about improvement in 1 activity.

Progression into Sixth Form

A qualification in this course will provide the natural grounding for following  A level PE or standalone providing a skill set that prepares students for further study post-16.